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BIOGREEN Internationally Recognized Brands

Biogreen, well known for its organic and natural health products for 16 years, from only scatters local consumers, to the present of more than one hundred thousand Malaysians consuming Biogreen products. Biogreen is inspired by natural and organic agriculture and the ongoing cause of sustainability - both of health and of the environment. We are humbled by our profound respect for the life of all things - thus we use of 100% vegetarian ingredients. Biogreen organic products have proudly obtained organic certification from certification bodies as below:

Biogreen has become a household name and internationally recognized brand name. Biogreen brand products have been successfully landed in several regions and countries, including China, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mauritius, Philippines and even Singapore and Hong Kong, which have very strict and high standard of food management process.


Biogreen Other Selling Places


AEON Wellness, AEON Big, Watson, Guardian, Caring, Vitacare, Healthlane Pharmacy, Giant, Cold Storage, and Biogreen, BMS Organics and other organic outlets.


Biogreen My Choice


Attitude to life affecting all things living in the Earth

Life is an attitude, is a choice. Interestingly, we can choose to compose a personal life style. We care for our loved ones and their health, so the diet conscious are also increasing. As we all know, choosing organic and natural foods will provide good energy to our body and is the most comprehensive nutrition. Certainly we also know that our choice of eating healthy has tremendous impact on Mother Earth.

The principles of organic agriculture are not to use chemical herbicides, pesticides, artificial chemical fertilizers. With this practice, other than the food quality that goes into our stomach is guaranteed, our land and air quality also well protected. In addition, our hardworking farmers’ health also is safeguarded!

Living in a chain of the global village, your choice not only represents personal taste, at the same time it also affects every inch of our land, every living creature, including you and me in the future.


O'Action With You

Today, almost everyone agreed that environmental protection is important, but global warming, species extinction, depletion of natural resources and other issues are still deteriorating at an alarming rate. These are the greatest challenge for us who living on earth! To alleviate the plight of the earth requires the participation of everyone, starting with ourselves, and start from today!

In fact, the Earth's biggest enemy is our own! Our lifestyle is causing the earth's resources wasted, environmental contamination and other issues. Biogreen promotes "Organic Action With You" is to remind ourselves and affect everyone around us, from personal lifestyle to protect the global environment.